Automation has become an essential part of virtually all plant facilities, whether they are industrial, commercial, or institutional in nature. Greater demand for production and performance with little or no change in budgetary funding is not unusual in today’s marketplace. Automation helps us “work smarter” to meet those demands.

Koener Automation, a division of Koener Electric, specializes in Industrial applications, water/wastewater treatment, telemetry, and design specification automation and control.

Koener Automation, the leader in advanced automation systems for industrial and commercial facilities.
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Koener Automation enjoys experience
in the following fields:

ABB Drive Sales & Implementation
Drive Start-Up & Maintenance
Flowmeter Calibrations & Service
Wastewater & Water Treatment Plants
HVAC Control & Energy Management
Factory Floor Control & Integration
Graphical HMI Development
    (Human Machine Interface)
PLC Programming
Consultation & Design
SCADA & Database Integration
Plant Maintenance
Integration & Process Controls
Panel Fabrication